The Political Advertising Literacy (PAL) group has investigated U.S. voters’ political advertising literacy. Please take a look at our research studies (download for free below!) and let us know if you have any questions (click “Research Group” from menu for contact information).

Nelson, M. R., Cook, K., Haley, E., Ham, C.-D., & Paltaratskaya, V. (2023, March 23-26). Understanding and Increasing Everyday Persuasion Knowledge about Political Advertising [Conference presentation]. AAA 2023 Conference, Denver, CO, United States.

Click here to view the presentation slides.
Haley, Nelson, Ham 2022 thumbnailHaley, E., Nelson, M., & Ham, C.-D. (2022), Which Facts Matter: How Can We Build Advertising Literacy about Contemporary Political Advertising? Presented at the Annual Conference of American Academy of Advertising, Dallas, TX, March 2022
Nelson, Ham, Haley, & Chung 2021 thumbnailNelson, M., Ham, C.-D. Haley, E., & Chung, U. (2021). How Political Interest and Gender Influence Persuasion Knowledge, Political Informationā€Seeking and Support for Regulation of Political Advertising in Social Media, Journal of Interactive Advertising, 21(3), 225-242.  
Nelson, Ham, & Haley 2021 thumbnailNelson, M., Ham, C.-D. & Haley, E. (2021) What Do We Know About Political Advertising? (Not Much) Political Persuasion Knowledge in a Democracy, Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 42(4), 329-353. 
Haley, 2020 article thumbnailHaley, E. (2020) Consumer Sense Making of Political Front Group Messages, Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 42(4), 329-353.